New Years Resolutions

There are times when God changes the direction of your path because he has your best interests in mind. If you are praying he’s working on making miracles happen and will restore everything the enemy attempted to destroy. Sometimes he removes you from a situation because you deserve to know the full capacity of his joy. Jesus has been knocking on the door of my soul throughout my life but it wasn’t until this year I fully opened this door as I began to read the Bible and was brought into his Holy house to hear and absorb the full power of the Holy Spirit. He has spoken! I am ready to embrace 2019, let the restoration begin in his Holy name, Hallelujah!

Despite all efforts to create your own destiny there will be times when things spin out of control and you realize the only concrete presence in your life is God. In passing, people have mentioned to me that they don’t believe in God or Jesus. I chose to follow Jesus and this is not a religion but it’s a relationship with my savior.  I was called to write and I decided start publishing some of my Bible journaling. To focus on moving into 2019, I value these three Godly New Year Resolutions!

1. Count My Daily Blessings

King James Version, Ephesians 5: 20

Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I will wake up with a new appreciation for everything God has granted me, I will pay attention to detail and embrace his love like never before. I feel him as the wind brushes past the branches of an old tree where I rest and find shelter against it’s strong trunk. With confidence I approach 2019 as I am bathed in the blood of Christ of protection.

2. Avoid The Lies Of The Enemy

Common English Bible, Proverbs 17: 4

An evildoer pays attention to guilty lips; a liar listens to a destructive tongue.

I am ready and prepared to rebuke lies created to rob me of my joy! Whether it’s malicious gossip, depression lies, doubt, fear, this is the year I am literally going to turn the other cheek and focus on God’s divine guidance as I embrace spiritual growth.

3. Follow The Holy Spirit 

Amplified Bible, Mark 1: 8

I will go wherever I feel drunken with the Holy Spirit, I will see the light and feel the presence of angels who sing and rejoice with victory. I will be ready to receive the gifts of peace and happiness.



2 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions

  1. Lauren, thank you so much for opening up and sharing your walk with God! It takes strength and courage to be bold for God and I’m so blessed that He’s given both to you. I’m praying for you on this journey – may God continue to move mightily in your life. ❤️🙏


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