Restore, Transform and Believe!

“Calmness, gentleness, silence, self-restraint, and purity: these are the disciplines of the mind” -Bhagavad Gita




Lauren is a Hatha and Restorative yoga teacher, songwriter, and devotional chant artist who teaches by weaving together her knowledge of yoga traditions, philosophy, meditation, anatomy, pranayama, subtle energy bodies, and the chakra system. By building the body, mind, breath and spirit connection, Lauren intuitively guides a class using visualization, gentle asana alignment, andenergetic balancing to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

Providing a comfortable, safe, and calming environment she encourages her students to approach yoga as a practice to bring a sense of balance, transformation, and harmony into their lives. Lauren first took a yoga class as a way to heal from the effects of life’s traumas and was looking for alternative holistic methods to work through bouts of depression. In 2015, Lauren once again approached yoga as a natural form of therapy to recover from being struck by a car while walking across the road. Suffering from a concussion, post-concussion, vertigo, cervical and lumbar disc bulges, Lauren found relief from practicing restorative yoga to help regain her sense of balance, relieve pain, and restore her body back to it’s full range of motion.


Hatha Yoga

On the 45 day of meditating underneath a fig tree in silence, Buddha was released from samsara and found enlightenment. Located in Bodh Gaya India, this sacred and old tree is known as The Bodhi Tree, “tree of awakening”.  

300 Bodhi Teacher Training with Dr. Mel Salvador 1,500 hour multi-certified yoga teacher and licensed holistic medical doctor. 

On completion of an previous three month 200RYT program, Lauren made a conscious decision to redo her yoga training under the direction of Dr. Mel at Sukha Yoga, located in the charming little village of Cold Spring Harbor, NY. The Bodhi Teacher Training course prepared Lauren with necessary skills to become a more qualified instructor, teacher, student and practitioner.